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Date: Monday 20 Nov 2017 10:12 pm

‘I’m often asked on dating apps if I’m clean. I reply “yes I shower daily”’. 

Chris O’Hanlon can talk about his HIV status with good humour now – knowing that effective treatment means he can’t pass on the virus.  The main challenge he’s now facing is outdated attitudes from other people.

‘There is still so much stigma out there that needs confronting, especially in the gay community,’ he said.  I’ve been told to get lost and die when I’ve told people I am HIV positive, because they think I’m spreading HIV.  Some people also say they don’t date or sleep with people ‘like me’, to which my response is ‘that you know of’,’ the clinical hypnotherapist and personal trainer from Luton said.  The truth is they may have slept with people who have HIV and don’t know it or even guys who know their status but haven’t said for fear of rejection, because there are a lot of gay men who remain undiagnosed.  It’s common that you get blocked or people stop talking to you because you tell them you have HIV, Some of this is ignorance and fear.’